Monday, March 19, 2007

Magical Mystery Cure

We are putting together and "Inspired Item" package for the JDRF gala auction inspired by Beatles songs!

So far we have
A silver heart braclet (St. Pepper's Lonley Heart Club Band)
The Beatles Anthology DVD Box Set

Our wish list includes:
Gift certificate for coffee (So Tired)
Gift Certificate to a book store (Paperback Writer)
A Guitar (While my guitar gently weeps)
Roll Over Beethoven (Symphony tickets or piano lessons)
TIckets to Omsi (Yellow Submarine)
Tickets for Amtrack or Air travel (Day tripper)
Tickets to Oaks Park or Enchanted Forest (Ticket to Ride)
Note cards, stationary (Please Mr Postman)
A kite (...for the benefit of Mr Kite)
Diamonds (Lucy in the sky with diamonds

If you have an idea or can donate an item please let us know! Our deadline is April 6th


Carey said...

Love this idea.

I'm Only Sleeping - Gift certificate to Bed, Bath, Beyond (pillows, bedding)

I Want to Hold Your Hand (lotions, hand cream, Body Shop certificate)

Eight Days a Week (vacation)

I Am the Walrus (aquarium tickets)

Here Comes the Sun (sunglasses)

Dig a Pony (night at the track if you have that nearby. Or, certificate for horseback riding)

Mr. Moonlight (planetarium tix)

Why Don't We Do It in the Road? (contraception gift basket)

Michelle Freedman said...

Great ideas! If you have more ideas Please Mr. Post - them! (ha ha!)