Sunday, May 13, 2007

No way Mom! Stacey is Type 1, too!

"Who is Stacey?" I ask half listening as I was driving L to school the other morning.
"She is one of the babysitters" she answers impatiently.
"What? You don't have a sitter named Stacey," I respond, suspiciously.
"No, Mom, you don't get it. Stacey is from the Baby-sitter's Club - you know, the book?"
Oh, yeah, the book we got from the library that is now at least 3 weeks overdue. I had forgotten about that.

"I'm going to see if they got the facts right," she continues as I am smiling to myself. That is so cool - a roll model in a book she likes with type 1!

If you have a tween type 1, check out these books. They are from a new line of "Graphix" which are more like comic books:
Stacey's Great Idea
The Truth about Stacey


Allison said...

I read all the Babysitter's Club books between grades 3 and 5. Whenever my friends and I would play make-believe, guess who was always Stacey? I think that contributed to the acceptance of my friends with diabetes. However, if your daughter reads it these days, she's going to notice a few problems. Diabetes is never mentioned in great detail and there's no pumps or anything so a few story lines might come off as very strict with diet! But I'm glad she's reading them. All the girls in the Club were accepting of Stacey, so hopefully that'll keep encouraging her not to keep it a secret.

Anonymous said...

I used to L-O-V-E the Babysitter's Club! Seriously, I think I had the first 75 books! That was way before my diabetes diagnosis, but I always did feel a closeness to Stacy :)

Lauren said...

I have the first 100 BSC books in my closet... And someone has a birthday soon :)

Shannon said...

Ironically enough, Brendon's babysitter has Type 1 and she's read all of those books. She's 12 yrs old and I adore her.

I love that there is a character with Type 1 written into the stories.