Friday, December 28, 2007

Type 1 Survival Kit day at the 100th Monkey Studio

We had a great day making bracelets at the 100th Monkey Studio today. We had so much fun designing the syringe caps and making them into beads! We made almost 50 bracelets!

Next step is to put the written piece together and bring it to the hospitals next week. I have templates for kids and parents to fill out. If you want to send your story and advice let me know and I will send you the template to fill out.

Thanks to everyone who came out today to support Type 1 diabetes!


holly said...

Hi Michelle,
I am sorry we missed the event at 100th Monkey yesterday. Unexpected guests from out of town changed our plans for the day. I have our pages for the Diabetes Survival Kit ready. What is the best way to get them to you? We would also like to help you deliver the Kits. Thanks for doing this!

Michelle said...

Thanks Holly!
If it is convenient, you can drop off the pages at the 100th Monkey Studio.

We still need to make a ton more, so maybe we can get together sometime next week. I can also pick up pages from you then if we do that!