Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lucky 7

Oh Joy!
Lili's A1C was 7.0. Right smack in the target. Yay for L.

We had our 2nd clinic appointment today since diagnosis. We came armed with a million questions, frazzled nerves, and fear of being reprimanded for not doing middle-of-the-night tests for the last three months.

The best comment from Dr. B was to make sure to give L "diabetes vacations" and do all her shots for her so she won't get burnt out. She has been doing her shots by herself for over a week and was so excited to tell the Dr. He told her that she was ahead of the game and that usually kids don't start doing that until they are in the 5th or 6th grade. For the record, I think she was inspired to do her shots because my hands are cold in the AM...

Had a good discussion about GAD proteins, pancreas transplants, and closed loop insulin pumps. Told the doc to put us on the list.

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Aunt Judy said...

Great new's for all of you. Lili is so Wonderful and should be so Proud. Love and a million Hugs, Aunt Judy