Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flu Shots

Another D parent recently pointed out to us that it is imperative that L get a flu shot. When you have the flu (if I have my facts straight) your liver releases stored glucose as well as a hormone that keeps insulin from processing it. This is well and good if you are not diabetic, have the flu and no appetite. Your body is built to take care of itself. However, a diabetic is balancing their insulin based on their carb intake, so if their body is saying not to respond to the insulin, then trouble in Kansas city...

We got a flu shot for her at Clinic the other day. She hated it - tensed up and the nurse had to stick her 3 or 4 times before she complete the injection. I was ready to do it myself. But we felt better knowing we were protecting L from the possibility of the flu and the nasty side effects diabetics suffer from.

L has had numbers in the high 200 - 300s over the last two days. No key tones, no rhyme or reason.

My theory is that her numbers are hight because the flu shot has her body responding to well, the FLU. It would have been nice to have been forwarned that this might happen. It is either that or the honeymoon period is over. As Dr. B said, "Oh, you'll know when its over..."

I feel a bit depressed about all this tonight...

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