Friday, December 01, 2006

Honeymoon Bouncing

L is in her honeymoon period and according to everything I've read and have been told it can last from two weeks to four years. One of our questions at clinic last week was how we would know when the honeymoon was over.

"Oh, you'll know..." was our answer. Great. Thats crystal clear...not.

I found out another clue today when I frantically called Dr. B. L had two lows at school today and tested over 400 when I picked her up. This must be it, I thought.

When Dr. B answered the phone I greeted him with, "The honeymoon is over." I read him her numbers over the last two days (while I was driving and clicking through her meter and talking on my cell...) He didn't think it was the honeymoon ending because if it was, he said, her numbers would be high consistently and we wouldn't see any lows.

Oh. I missed that memo. Well, he explained she was "bouncing." A very unpleasant variation in highs and lows that he couldn't explain, but assured me was typical. He also mentioned that we "had it easy." If that was meant to help me relax it only made me angry. This disease makes me angry, so basically anything he said other than there was a cure discoverd today would have made me angry.

L had her first scary low last night. 38. The amazing thing was that she knew. I had no idea. We were sitting quietly working on an art project and she said she wanted to test. She tested, treated, and then went back to doing her project.

We could all learn from her how to deal. And she does it gracefully with low blood sugar.

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Anonymous said...


Welcome to the Diabetes Online Community.

Reading this post put me right back to my son's honeymoon period-- his lasted well over a year.

And I'm not even sure he's completely out of it.

My understanding of this is that it can end suddenly or (as has been the case for us) just linger for a long time. It really depends on how many beta cells are left...

That your doctor would tell you that you "had it easy" is horribly insensitive-- I was an emotional wreck during a good deal of that first year. It's anything but easy.

Now, when your doc said that your daughter was "bouncing," I'm sure he referred to the pattern of a low (or multiple lows) followed by "rebound" highs (caused by the liver spitting out sugar in response to the earlier low, coupled with the carbs used to treat the low).

I know this is all so damn hard to get used to-- but from what I've read here, it sounds like you're doing a beautiful job...

Please take care, and feel free to email me directly any time.


p.s. I'll add a link to your blog on my site this evening.