Sunday, December 03, 2006

hi lo...

I mentioned L was at 38 a few nights ago, but I didn't really talk about it. I have been feeling really awful about it and it took this long to feel okay to write a post.

L is a picky eater. I can't blame her - I was worse. My family still makes fun of me and my plate of cherry tomatos that was at my place for every family dinner. I didn't eat salad until I was on a date in highschool and was too embarassed to say I didn't like it, and thought Garlic was a spice until college.

L was the baby who ate everything. She was even the toddler who ate everthing. Then came preschool and something happened. Something like other kids complaining about the food, and so my little parrot thought she could do that too.

The night of the low (NOL...)L refused to eat her dinner. I had it all ready and on the table before I gave her her injection - actually she gave herself her injection that night. The she refused to eat.

The insulin was in and starting to take effect. What do you do? I knew she was just being bratty, and I was tired of it so I told her to eat what she was served. The stand-off went on for an hour when I finally broke down and gave her a poptart. I ate her chicken nuggetts (which were only something like 10 carbs worth) and her cold peas.

I sent her to her room. I needed a break. I invited her to join me about 20 minutes later to work on an art project. We were sitting together and working quietly when she mentioned she felt low. Honestly I thought she was still being bratty so I told her to test. She complained that her test kit was in the kitchen (literally 4 feet from where we were sittin) and that she didn't want to go alone. I was frustrated and told her to bring it to where we were sitting and she could test there.

I really had had enough up to that point that night. I didn't notice any signs of her being low - the other time she was in the mid fortys she was super silly and sweaty. It was quite a shock when her number was 38. That is really low - scary low...I am so happy that she recognised it, because I sure didn't.

The next several days have been the battle of the highs. Her number at bedtime tonight was the first in her target. She had a trace of keytones and I had to go to the movies just to chill out. (T stayed with her at home)

SO much to learn. The symposium yesterday was helpful. More about that soon.

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Aunt Judy said...

You all are doing amazing things everyday. Be proud of all the strong knowledge, support and love you share, Love and hugs, Aunt Judy