Monday, June 22, 2009

JDRF Children's Congress Day 1

Just turning in from our first day in DC for the JDRF Children's Congress. We learned about a half an hour ago that the 150 children delegates will get to meet and take a picture with President Obama tomorrow morning. This is a really amazing suprise and everyone is very excited about it!
The photo is of the kids rehersing the Promise to Remember Me song to sing on the steps of the capital on Wednesday. It was a treat to be at the rehersal - I was amazed that all the kids knew the song really well and sang in tune (well, with the exception of one enthusiastic and loud child!)
Tomorrow will be another full day of events and training for the Blitz meetings on Wednesday.
It was a beautiful day here, a bit warm, but windy, so the sky looked beautiful and made the city picture perfect.

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judy said...

Michelle, Tod and Lili
So Happy your enjoying your SPECIAL time in DC. I wish I could be there and am SOOO proud of you all. Love and Hugs, Aunt Judy