Thursday, June 25, 2009

JDRF Children's Congress Day 3

Updating this post with a great link to the senate hearing and some photos.
click here for the PR Newswire testimony coverage.

Mary Tyler Moore spoke candidly about how her eyesite has been drastically comprimised due to complications from type 1, and Sugar Ray's "No Mas" speech was incredibly moving.

Nick Jonas was compelling and quite brave to speak openly about his frustrations about having type 1, and Dr. Griffen Rodgers mentioned Sonya Sotomayer and how she was an incredible role model for the children's delegates, which I thought was timely.
The Children who testified had as important, if not even more moving accounts of living with type 1, but the audience had thinned out significantly by then. I was proud of all the delagates. It was crowded and hot and uncomfortable in that room and not a single kid misbehaved or worse, had a medical need.

Standing in line to get tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument blogging from my sister's phone. Blitz was busy, busy busy after a success Senate Hearing.L got to experience the paparazzi and crazy fans for a serious event with an important message.We are proud of the celebrities for their personal accounts and moving requests for funding.highlight of the day was riding the "Congress only" underground train between the Russel Building and the Capitol with Senator Merkley.Didn't have my camera. Hope to post pictures soon.Good article on PR Newswire and Will post libks soon.

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