Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yesterday my husband left for a weeklong trip to Asia for work. We were both nervous about me handling L's diabetes round the clock without any breaks. We wrote lists, reviewed our notes, made more lists, hung them on the refrigerator, checked our supplies, checked again, and tried to to be nervous or stressed out infront of L.

When he left we both felt okay that things would be okay. "I promise the week will go fast and we will be too busy to worry" I assured him. But in the back of both of our minds I know we both know I don't get up on time, tend to get stressed out, and am not as good about keeping on a schedule as he is.

So I made a promise to myself to not worry. It is only one week, and the main thing for me is to not beat myself up if I get off schedule, or if L's numbers are out of wack.

Day one was going to be FUN. L & I had a great afternoon. We went shopping on Hawthorne Blvd, went to the books store, toystore, record store, card shop...We planned for a trip to Ben & Jerry's for afternoon snack, and ran into some friends along the way. No worries.

Then came dinner time, time to test, time for insulin.
"Mom, where is my emergency kit?"
(Gee, L, I don't know. Maybe one of the 15 places we have gone to today?)
ARRGH...what??? Out comes the phone book.
I call everyplace I could remember we had gone...
I called the doctor and had her call in a perscription for a glucagon shot so I'd have one in my house.
(Don't loose you mind, I kept telling myself...)
We have dinner, I try not to get angry - I know L is stressed and feels bad, but I am not going to start out my week as a single D-parent with us both feeling bad.

We have dinner and go get the shot, which is ready about 8:30PM. I invite L to spend the night with me in my room so we can both get a good night sleep and continue our search in the morning.

At breakfast L tells me she had a dream that she found her kit.
"Maybe it is at your studio, Mom"
I didn't think of that, I had stopped there to get something before we came home for dinner.

Okay, we'll check there.
Its there

we can handle this...

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