Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mom, I want to say the F-word to diabetes

Last day of Winter break. I wanted to do something fun with L so I planned to meet some friends for lunch and then go to a matinee. I asked her to test in the car on the way to the restraunt and she was over 433.

433? What? That is really high. Her target is 80-180. We had started the morning with a mid 200s, but 433? I didn't know what to do. Do I give her the regular amount of carbs for lunch? Do I give her a correction dose of insulin?

I had her call T - I couldn't find my phone, so we used her emergency phone and I read him back her numbers so he could call the doctor and see what to do. By the time our friends walked into the restraunt I was in tears and knew I was going to have to cancel lunch. How was I going to explain that to L?

She was not happy with my decision and in the car ride on the way back home she said, "Mom, I want to say the F-word to diabetes." "Me too," I assured her. Me too...

I called two D-mom's I know while I was waiting for T to call back with the Doctor's instructions and they both knew what I was going through. It was so helpful to talk to them. I hadn't had a freak-out like this in ages. It was certainly magnified by the other chaotic events over the last week. They both explained how they do correction doses, and when I heard back from T, that is what Dr. B suggested we do.

I gave her an extra unit of Humalog at lunch, and another at dinner plus one of Lantus. The happy ending is that her bedtime number was 118. Good night!

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lildb said...

your kid is beyond-belief brave.

amazing. I'm amazed.