Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sharps Hath Overflow-ith

Well, we have reached the "full" line on our first 2 gallon sharps container, the cute pink one they gave L at the hospital.
I estimate it contains 420 hypodermic needles.
Not counting mistakes, of which there have been many tossed in the bin...
420 plus mistakes.
420 injections my kid has barely complained about.
420 shots in her arms, thighs, and tush.
420 times one of us has said, "L, it is time for your shot."

Four hundred and twenty.

Well, off to metro tomorrow to dispose of it properly.


lili_bonates said...


what a wonderful job you're doing here! I miss you so very much!!

take care!!!


Alice =)

Alyssa Serle said...

I also do the same .. Thank you for this.

Impact Hygiene - Sharps