Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bread & Butter

I am on a quest for a low carb bread. Breads are so high in carbs. Bagels are even worse! I ordered low carb bagels from Western Bagels but Lili didn't like them. I can't say I did really either - HOWEVER - I discovered they make "bagelettes" which are a perfect size for snacks and are only 16g carbs each! YUM!


My other recent discovery is Ciabatta bread - sandwich loaf style. There is a local baker here (Portland French Bakery) that makes it and it is 27g carbs for TWO slices. This is no huge discovery, most breads are 17g per slice - but those extra 7g carbs add up.

For the record, butter and cream cheese are 0g carb and while they are high in fat, they are essentially carb-free!

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