Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Business Call #2

I felt much more confident when I dropped L off at camp this morning. She was excited to be there, and yesterday went so well that I was okay when I left. Besides, we would hear from her at 11:30 - her business call...

T missed her call. I missed it too. Actually I heard the phone ring, but I didn't recognise the number and I ignored it. Arrgh. What was I thinking.

She was low. 65.

She is supposed to drink a juice box and retest in 15 minutes - but this is a fuzzy area, because it was lunch time and she decided to just eat lunch. She decided this with the camp director - even though I had explicit instructions written on her care sheet.

I can't get mad about this. She is doing so well and really making decisions about managing this. But I am stressed. It is just how I am.

The camp told me they were impressed that T & I called back so quickly when he got her message. You guys are really good! But that is our job. That is the seriousness of the situation.

T checked and the Migo phones are in stock at the Verizon Store. Going over to the dark side and getting my kid a phone.

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