Sunday, August 06, 2006


Insulin - check
Syrings - check
emergency kit - check
sugar free mapel syrup - OMG...

This morning we decided to have brunch out - something we used to do often before L's diagnosis, and havn't done since. We had her carbs all figured out.
4" Pancakes, 17g (x2=34g
8oz Hot Chocolate 30g
bacon - 0g
sugar free maple syrup - og
for a total of 60ish carbs.

No wait for tables when we get there - good, because we all allready 1/2 hour past regular scheduled eating time (7:30) Dad is meeting us there, but he had to take a shower, so he is running behind.

I prepare the insulin injection at the table (and try to ignore the comments of the couple sitting next to us: "What are they doing? I think that is insulin. Oh really?...") and then remember I didn't think to bring the sugar free maple syrup.

We ask the server - no, they don't have any. T offeres to go to the market to get some. Cool. But I have to get some carbs into L soon - and I order her pancakes - they are a special item, so they will take 15 minutes. That might just work out.

Still, I'm worried that she is going to go low - maybe they have a sugar free vanilla soda and I can get something else for L while we wait for T to come back with the syrup. Nope. Plan B. I order her hot chocolate. Our server is getting annoyed. I call her back and order the pancakes and appologize for being complicated. She says its okay, but I know she wishes we would just leave...

T gets back with the syrup quickly. We order our food. I am still worried that she is going to go low. My Dad shows up. The server has to come back and take his order now too. This time its another server - our original one is ignoring us.

Some relaxing brunch. T and I decide we will carry Sugar Free Mapel Syrup in a flask from now on. One more thing to remember to keep in our kit.

Regular syrup is 54g carbs for 1/4 cup.

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