Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello Muddah'

So, I took a big leap this week and let Lil go to a half day camp.
Walking away and leaving her in the care of the camp director and counselors was much worse than that first day of kindergarten. It was terrifying.

I am happy to report that she is having a great time! She met another girl at camp who has type 1: What are the odds of that? Oh - yeah, the odds are 1 in 400...

So, to ease my fears, I am thinking about getting her a "migo" phone. Me, the last native LA-ian to get a cell phone, is now considering buying one for my 7-year-old. I did some research and this one seems cool. Anyone out there have any feedback on this phone (not on my decision, please...I've beat myself up plenty about that allready!)


Lauren said...

I think the Migo phone looks reasonable. I read about the Firefly kids phone, and it's prepay. Pretty expensive for what it offers--Migo looks like a much better plan.

Can the Migo phone clip into Lili's backpack or something? So that she has it with her without worrying about losing it?

I think this is another great way to let Lili be in control of her own treatment!

Michelle Freedman said...

Fireflys don't provide service in Portland yet. Too bad - because I like the design. Migos are on back order...I think she will leave it in her kit with her other med stuff.