Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st day of 2nd Grade

Okay. I thought I was prepared for this, but I have decided there is nothing I could have done to be completely prepared for the PANIC I felt as I turned and walked out of L's school this morning. She will be fine...She will be fine...was my mantra ALL DAY today.

I labored over her 504 plan. There were some dumb spelling errors, but in all I was happy with it. We put a supply kit together with juice boxes and snacks (Jiffy was not my 1st choice of peanut butter, but in T's defense, it does not have to be refrigerated). I just kept thinking I was forgetting something.

I was squirmy all day. Got to pick-up a half-hour early and waited on a bench feeling slightly sheepish. People were curious about L and had many kind and comforting words to pass on to me.

So this is the result. L wrote a what I did for my summer vacation report today and she told me all she could remember to write was this: "I saw the play Alice in Wonderland in the park, I had swimming lessons, and I went to the beach."

Well - if that doesn't just say it all!


Lisa said...

Hi, Michelle...I had no idea Lili and you guys are going through this...she sounds like quite the amazing little girl (not to mention just beautiful!). I miss you...drop me a note sometime if you have a moment and good luck with your JDRF walk!

Grammy said...

You weren't alone, Michelle. I also had similar feelings all day on Tuesday. Then when I spoke with her I was concerned that she didn't want to talk about taking her blood test at school. But I think Lili has taught us all a lesson, she want's to live life and that is just what she's doing! What a girl - we're all so lucky to have her. Mom