Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Week of School

The first week of school was never this scary when it was me going back - but when it is my kid - geez...

My week ended with an anxiety attack on Friday afternoon when I irrationally decided my studio was on fire (my studio is near L's school) and paniced. Have fun with that one on me... I think I was a bit stressed out!

L on the other hand is worried about ghosts in the girls bathroom and a certain unruley boy in her class - a typical 2nd grader. She told me her new teacher is "strict" but isn't sure what that word means. And she managed to get in two after school activities (skating and dance).

What a trip this has been. Hope not to have anymore imaginary fires this week (or real ones for that matter!)

On another note, our JDRF team Hi Lili Hi Lo has done an outstanding job of fundraising so far! We have allready surpassed our $1000 goal. Now we need to find someone to help pay for our team t'shirts. Any ideas?

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