Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sick as a Dog...

When a diabetic gets sick it can be serious. During illness, the body releases extra glucose from the liver, which can make the blood sugar levels high. Also, the substances that signal the liver to release the glucose can block the effects of insulin (1). Needless to say, a diabetic child with a cold is something to worry about.

Friday L was not feeling well. The first cold/flu of the season had gone around her classroom as well as where I have been working. We were both not feeling well - I went home from work and slept for three hours. She toughed it out and her blood sugars were in the high 200s as a result.

That evening we decided to go to a football game that her uncle coached and cousin was playing, and thought the fresh air would do us good. Maybe it did, however it ended with us leaving in a flash and me trying desperately not to throw up all over the bleachers.

None of us got much sleep Friday night. L skipped skating (which she has NEVER done) because she was not feeling up to it, and we hung around the house. We tryed to call her doctor, but were on hold forever, so gave up. All the books I had said the same thing - test for keytones if her numbers are high consistantly, which they were, but luckily none were present.

Sat night we went out to her grandparents house for dinner. When she tested at dinner her blood sugar was in the high 300s. I was not feeling well to begin with, but now I was a wreck. Not to mention it was really affecting her mood (not in a good way)

T and I decided to go to the market to look for cold medicines and a sugar free dessert for her and came up short. Most cold medicines have sugar and/or alcohol in them with distinct warnings for diabetics and those with thyroid conditions. D--n.

Sun AM she work up complaining of an earache. This was not happening. We had slept in an hour past her regular breakfast and now I was really stressed. I didn't care if it was Sunday - I called the doctor. This was supposed to put my mind as ease - but only infurriated me more. His advice was nothing more than what I had read in my books, and his comment when I asked him about cold medicines: "Well, I've never been a big fan of those." WHAT????

We decided to lay low for the morning - even though we had plans I had been looking forward to for a month at a friends house for brunch. We went out in the afternoon, and we were all feeling better - she stopped complaining about her ear. Then a friend came over for dinner (I had cancelled making New Years dinner on Sat night and was making it up to him)

He brought his dog. A small 5 or 6 pound little white thing - who proceeded to throw up 16 times on my carpet, in the kitchen, on the carpet again -- over and over and over. We used an entire roll of paper towels mopping it up.

Hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow.

(1) American Diabetes Association

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