Friday, September 01, 2006

Misconception #1

I had many misconceptions about what Juvenile Diabetes was when L was diagnosed. Mainly I thought she would have to give up eating sugar.

I try to be compassionate when someone says something to me that I know is not true, however lately I have heard some outrageous things.

This is the one that has been getting under my skin lately.

Myth: Some kids have a worse version of Juvenile Onset than others.

Fact: It is simple. The pancreas stops working. It is the same for all the Type 1s. It is my oppinion that it is "worse" because of the the way the individual's condition is managed.

Okay -- one more:

Myth: Someone with Type 1 can live a normal life. All they have to do is take two shots a day.

Fact: ...and five blood tests, and count every carbohydrate you eat against the dose of insulin you took, and time their exercise to carb ratio to make sure you are covered for the activity you are participating in, and carry around a kit with emergency shots incase their blood sugar levels drop low enough to put them into a coma. Normal?

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