Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family Team Highlight of the Week!

We are going to be featured in the weekly JDRF team letter! Here is what I wrote for them:


On her first day of second grade last week, L was asked the classic back to school question, “what did you do last summer?” I would have expected her to answer with grueling details about insulin shots and blood tests, and perhaps a mention of her stay in the hospital where she got “to watch all the television she wanted”, but her answer was simple: “I went swimming, I went to the park, and I went to the beach.”

Isn’t that what we all want for our children, to have fun, to enjoy their summer, and to be carefree? L has proven to our family that even with a recent diagnosis of demanding chronic condition, this is possible. We are amazed and proud of her, after only three months of living with diabetes; L has taken on the management of her life without regrets, and has given the same positive energy to her fundraising efforts for the JDRF. She organized a “sugar-free” lemonade stand this summer, is preparing to have a garage sale of things she has decided she has outgrown, and is making recycled jewelry from the syringe caps to sell at a neighborhood store, all in the spirit of fundraising.

Our family is no stranger to fundraising. We have banned together on teams to raise money for other causes, and this year is no exception. Our family fundraising letter this year highlighted the JDRF as one of three events we are fundraising for this fall, and because we are so new to this cause, we set a modest goal of recruiting ten walkers and raising $1,000. So far we have 21 members of our team and have surpassed our initial $1,000 goal! We feel fortunate to have so much support from our community of friends and family. We are all looking forward to the walk in October and are passionate about helping to raise money to fund research to cure Diabetes.

Other highlights for Team Hi Lili Hi Lo:

Our blog

Westmart Grocery on Hwy 30 (L’s grandparents)
Sneaker sales!

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Grammy said...

Way to go Michelle and Lili and all of Team Hi Lili Hi Lo!

Michelle, I'm bring up to Portland with me this weekend the following supplies: hose, ladder, fire extinguisher.