Sunday, September 17, 2006

Diet Pop

I've never been a big fan of Pop. We have only given it to L as a treat and don't keep any in the house. When she was diagnosed, we compromised and bought sugar-free Italian soda flavors for her to mix with sparkling mineral water as her "free" sweet drink. It hasn't been that long since I was a kid - hey , I used to think cool-aid was tasty. I get it...

It is hard sometimes at restaraunts when all they have it diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. If that is the only choice, I usually ask for them to bring it in a smaller glass. This was the case today when I "okayed" a small diet Coke for lunch.

We had just finished the Race for the cure - a 5k. We had been treating L for lows throughout the walk, and then had to wait an hour to get a table at lunch. She was tired of me checking, so I let it go with a number of 84.

After lunch, L fell asleep in the car and then took a nap for two hours. This should have been a sign, but she had also just walked a 5k, so I didn't worry. When she woke up she was very irritated and crying, so I had her test - way over 200. It continued to go up - it was well over 350 by dinner time. Going from a low at 11:00 of 65, this was unusual for her.

We went over the day's events, the carbs, the exercize. It had to be the pop. It must not have been sugar free. We didn't let her have the re-fill when they brought it and she pouted. Its a good thing.

8oz of Coca Cola is 47g carbs. L eats 60g of carbs for lunch.
Lesson Learned. Taste the soda when you order it.

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